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Star Wars Saga 100

The Star Wars Saga 100 Icon Challenge

The Star Wars Saga 100 Icon Challenge
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The Star Wars Saga 100 Icon Challenge
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Hi everyone and welcome to Star Wars Saga 100! – A community dedicated to George Lucas’ Star Wars Saga. This community was inspired by some other 100 communities, including icons100, narnia_100, and many others.

Founder: leia06
Moderators/Maintainers: hydrogen_helium, xxkenziex
Banner Makers: hydrogen_helium, mark_pierre, xxkenziex

What is a 100 Icon Challenge?
In a 100 icon challenge, members of the community choose a subject and create 100 icons of that subject to show their devotion to it.

How It Works
So you are interested in making 100 icons of your favorite character, relationship, thing from Star Wars? Then come join the fun and join the community!!

1. First join the community. In order to participate, you must be a member of the community.
2. Submit a claim to the Subject Claims List and then wait to be approved.
3. Once approved, you will be given posting access and then you can begin to post icons of your approved subject.
4. You will have two weeks from the day your subject is approved to make ten or moreicons.
5. You must make 100 icons of you subject following certain terms and themes. You do not have to put it all in just one batch- you can post them in smaller batches, like 4 or 5.
6. Once you complete the subject, comment at the Hall of Fame post to get listed on the Hall of Fame for completing your subject. You will receive a banner for your hard work and then someone else is free to take that subject.

The Rules
1. Join the community before submitting your claim.
2. Please check the claims list before posting a claim to make sure it is not already claimed.
3. When posting a claim, please type in the phrase “The Force Will Be With You, Always” in the subject line of the comment.

The Guidelines
1. Please make 100 new icons, not icons that have been stored somewhere. There would be not point in doing the challenge if you just don’t really participate. You may not use icons you have entered in icontests. 100 new icons must be used!
2. Also please no bases. Textless are absolutely fine, but a base is saying that there is no other work involved.
3. Take your time and don’t rush. You will have 12 weeks to complete 100 icons of your approved subject. If you will need an extension, just ask and don’t hold it off to the last minute.
4. You do not have to put all 100 icons in one batch, but rather in smaller batches, like 4 or 5. Once you are done with your subject, please provide a link to a post that contains all 100 icons.
5. You must use the 50 themes listed below. You don’t have to have these words on the icons, but rather have a general theme.

The Themes
01. Angel         02. Anger        03. Beginning
04. Beautiful     05. Betrayal     06. Black and White 
07. Blue          08. Change       09. Courage
10. Dark          11. Dreams       12. Embarrassment
13. Ending        14. Evil         15. Fear 
16. Family        17. Fate         18. Fire 
19. Food          20. Friends      21. Green 
22. Hate          23. Home         24. Hope 
25. Ice           26. Kiss         27. Laughter 
28. Light         29. Lost         30. Love 
31. Music         32. Pain         33. Passion, 
34. Power         35. Rage         36. Red, 
37. Right         38. Sadness      39. Silly
40. Sky           41. Smile        42. Soul 
43. Space         44. Star         45. Tradition 
46. Tragic        47. Training     48. Truth 
49. Vibrant       50. Wisdom

Posting Your Icons
1.When posting your icons to the community, please put them behind a cut and PLEASE put them in the following format: (DO NOT put your banner as one of the first things because then it hides your username and userpic.)

Subject State the subject you claimed
Batch: The # of the batch the icons are on (#1 or #2, etc.), and the number of icons in that batch (say 20) out of 100
Themes: The particular themes you used (please list the themes, not the numbers) and Artist’s Choices (if any)
Additional Notes: Credits, your rules, etc.
Your 100 Icons Banner: This is a banner you create with your username, subject claimed, and SWSAGA100 on the banner. The focus of the banner must be of course your subject.
Preview: Place three icons in your preview

Example of Posting Your Icons
In The Subject Line: Obi-Wan Kenobi- Batch #3- 100/100
SUBJECT: Obi-Wan Kenobi
BATCH: Batch #3- 50 Icons (100/100)
THEMES: Beautiful, Betrayal, Change, Courage, Embarassment, Fate, Food, and 43 Artist's Choices
OTHER: Credits, your rules, etc.

Then your icons of course!

(Please be aware that I may randomly ask you to change your posts.)

If you have any questions about anything, make sure to check the appropiate posts. If you still have questions, feel free to contact me by my e-mail.

sweet__tea for the header, default icon, and the coding for the header!
Layout by milou_veronica.

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